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Fin de semana de la costa sur


GuysAdventures was founded to offer exclusive, seductive trips for gay guys to the world's very best places. 

No matter your orientation, kink, quirk, lifestyle, identity or occasional dalliance, Australia is a fabulous place to explore. You might think, given the LGBTQI+ celebrations that make global headlines each year, that the Great Southern Land has always been queer-friendly, but that's not the case. Fortunately, however, Australia's views on the LGBTQI+ community have evolved and advanced significantly since the 1970s.

These days there are LGBTQI+-friendly travel-riches to discover from coast to coast, from Australia's rugged snowy peaks to its dripping tropics and rippling deserts and everywhere in between. We are spoilt for choice.

There's much more to Australia's gay scene than the Sydney Mardi Gras which is barely even the tip of the rainbow ice berg. And, seriously, who only wants to see the tip? After all, this is a country that somehow produced Kylie Minogue and Ian Roberts—one of the toughest guys ever to pull on a football jersey anywhere on the planet. It's also home to Peter Allen, Ruby Rose, Cate Blanchett and Kath & Kim.


Modern, queer Australia is the extraordinary love child of all of these remarkable characters—a human platypus—bits and bobs from seemingly unrelated beasts pieced together into something unlike any creature the world has ever seen.


So, come. Join a GuysAdventure in the Commonwealth of Priscilla, explore Oz, its emerald cities and great outdoors, meet fab guys, sample fine fare and raise a glass or two—OK, OK, more than two—and add your own unique parts to the platypus that is Gay Australia.

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